The Dirty Wellies

Gavin Coyle

John Condron


Larkin & Moran Brothers

The Keigher Academy of Irish Dance was established in 1999, under the direction of Sharon McLemen, Susan Keenan and Holly McNichols. The academy is proud to offer classes for dancers of all levels, beginners though championship.  Keigher also, strives to accommodate competitive dancers as well as recreational dancers, offering a range of activities to suit each family. 

Whiskey of the Damned

Gavin Coyle is an accomplished singer and songwriter whose musical range covers both pop and folk music as well as traditional music from his native Derry in Northern Ireland. His performances often reflect this versatility as he mixes traditional and original compositions. In addition to being a guitarist, he plays several other instruments including the bodhran (an Irish drum) and the flute. Gavin's musical influences are a varied lot: Elvis, Patsy Cline, Beethoven, U2, The Velvet Underground, and John Williams.

Tunes of Glory Pipes & Drums

John Condron is a Philadelphia born singer-songwriter, musician, & producer who currently makes his home in the Chicago-land area. The former front man for the power quartet “the benefit” has been spending much of his time lately focusing on solo performances as well as performances w/ his new full band project “The Old Gang Orchestra”. The most recent shows highlight songs from his latest collection “…If Any or at All” , released on the Flipside Works label in addition to material from his four previous studio albums.

Irish session featuring musicians 
   from various main stage acts
Irish Wolf hounds
and more


12:00 pm

Fest Opens

12:30 pm

Gavin Coyle

2:00 pm

Whiskey of the Damned

3:00 pm

Tunes of Glory Pipes & Drums

3:30 pm

John Condron

4:00 pm

The Dirty Wellies / Irish Session

4:30 pm

Keigher Irish Dancers

5:15 pm

The Hatfield Sisters

7:00 pm

The Larkin & Moran Brothers

8:30 pm

Whiskey of the Damned


​all times approximate


All times times are approximate.

Hailing from our very own Chicago, Illinois, The Dirty Wellies serve up traditional Irish/Celtic music.

​Members: Regina Garrity - accordion; Margaret O'Callaghan - fiddle; Bernadette Murphy - fiddle; Frank Gleeson - mandolin, banjo, guitar; Jim Aman - whistle, bodhran; Vincent O'Callaghan - bodhran

The Hatfield Sisters

The Hatfield Sisters charm audiences year after year.

Their brand of Celtic Rock features Eoin McCarthy - Guitar/Vocals/Bagpipes, Gina Romantini - Fiddle/Mandolin/Vocals/Melodica, Matt Schuetz - Bass/Vocals/Drums, Andrew David Weber- Drums/Vocals/Various other instruments, Brian Link- Accordion/Piano/Trombone/Vocals, and Marco Conley (Mark O'Connely)- Fiddle/Mandolin/Guitar/Banjo/Vocals.

The Tunes of Glory are a competition, parade, performance and teaching pipe band from the western suburbs of Chicago based in Warrenville, Illinois. Their roster comprises over 20 active pipers and drummers, and a number of students. The Band performs in the Chicago area delighting audiences everywhere. Tunes of Glory is under the musical direction of Pipe Major Mike Heywood and lead drummer Joanna Lloyd.

They are widely considered as one of the most followed and sought after Irish/Celtic music bands in the Midwest. Based in Chicago - Shay Clarke of the Irish American News has said that 'The Larkin and Moran Brothers have a sense of fun and energy that is rare these days' (in Irish music).

Saturday Aug. 26, 2017 • St. Joseph Park • 700 Theodore St • Joliet

Noon to 10 p.m.